2.3.5 June 1, 2024

Magento Log Improvement

We have revamped the user experience for the Magento log page to make it easier for developers and users to understand and track the data synced from PIM to Magento. The new log page includes item-specific logs, which provide detailed insights into the sync process.

Key Highlights:

  1. Pre-Sync Data Identification:

    • End users can easily identify the actual data present in Magento before the PIM sync. This helps in comparing and understanding the changes made by the sync process.

  2. Sync Payload Tracking:

    • Users can easily track the payload that is synced from PIM to Magento. This provides transparency and clarity on what data is being transferred during each sync.

  3. Magento Response Tracking:

    • Users can track the response from Magento for specific sync operations. This helps in diagnosing issues and verifying successful syncs, providing a complete picture of the synchronization process.

Dashboard Content Quality Filter

The Dashboard has been enhanced with a new Content Quality Filter for the Action Required section. This feature allows users to filter products based on the selected Content Quality Percentage from the graph, streamlining the process of maintaining high content quality.

Bug Fixes / Minor Improvements

  1. Deleted products in P21 are now automatically removed from PIM and deactivated in the e-commerce channel. This automation ensures that product data is consistently up-to-date across systems, reducing manual effort and preventing discrepancies.

  2. Resolved the issue with the Export Template Deletion option.

  3. The PIM Magento Extension now supports WebP images. This functionality depends on the availability of the Magento WebP Image Support extension being installed on your Magento instance.

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