Attribute Mapping

DCKAP PIM Magento Attribute Mapping

After completing the Configuration setup, the next step is to configure Attribute Mapping. Attribute Mapping can be accessed via the Side Menu > Marketplace > Magento Extension > Attribute Mapping Tab. This section displays all default product attributes from Magento in the first column of the table. The next column contains a dropdown box with PIM attribute information, allowing you to map attributes by selecting from the dropdown. Multiple PIM attributes can be mapped to a single Magento default attribute.

Attribute Restriction

The Attribute Restriction column ensures that attribute information is only updated during product creation and won't be updated during the product update process.

Store Access

The Store Access dropdown allows you to specify different sets of attribute relations based on store or website level.

  • The Attribute Mapping section displays only Magento default attributes. Custom/User Defined Attributes are directly synced from PIM to Magento without requiring any mapping.

  • SKU serves as the key identifier for PIM to Magento Data Transfer. Therefore, it always maps the PIM SKU with the Magento SKU attribute.

This Attribute Mapping functionality streamlines the process of aligning attributes between PIM and Magento, ensuring accurate data transfer and synchronization.

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