Custom Import

How to create template to import in DCKAP PIM?

  • Click the 'Custom Import' tab on the right side after the 'Normal Import' tab.

  • Once get into the custom import page, Click the 'Create Template' button present in the right side.

  • Enter the template "Name" and select "File".

  • And in other tabs enter the "Custom Import Conditions" and click on 'Create'.

How to import data into DCKAP PIM?

  • After creating 'Create Template', The created template is shown in the 'Select Template' drop-down choose to import the data.

  • Enable the 'Notify me' switch to get a notification email after importing.

  • Click on the 'Browser' button to select a file(Spreed Sheet) in the local system.

  • Click on the 'Import' button to import the data into the DCKAP PIM.

Import Logs

All the imported files will be logged in the table along with the file name, import type, execution time, imported by, importing percentage with error of import info log file.

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