Create Attribute

How to create a new attribute in DCKAP PIM?

  • To create a new "Attribute" click the 'Create Attribute' button at the top right of the screen then the new slider window opens and displays the "Create Attribute" screen.

  • Select the required attribute type and fill the details. The atrribute types are,

    • Number

    • Text

    • Image etc.

  • Click on 'Save' button to save the information and create attributes. Users can also click on 'Cancel' to reset all the information and return to the main screen.


Attribute types supported by DCKAP PIM



Add product-related numerical values such as stocks, quantity, capacity, dimensions, to name a few.


Add a name, short text, alphanumeric data, and so on. Limit should be less then 255 characters.

Text area

Add long-form text like product description.


Add product-related spreadsheets, documents, videos, PPTs, audio, zip files, pdf files, and so on. PIM supports over 40 types of file extensions.


Add image files such as product images, user guide screenshots, live production images, and so on.


Add unique information about the product (so that no 2 products will have the same value).


Define information like dimensions or measurements like length, weight, height, Temperature, Voltage, and so on. These are more like combined attributes, where you capture the value and the metric. For example, Power 10 kW where "10" (value) and "kW" (metric).


Add product costing like MRP, Special price, discount price, to name a few.


Add options for enabling a single selection from the available options. For example., If red, blue, brown are the color variants of a Phone in a Select attribute, the front end user will be able to select one color from these options.


Add options for enabling multiple selections based on the available options.


Attribute with values namely Yes or No.


Add date information for products like expiration date, offer valid from, sale ends on.

Compound Attribute

It is a set of related attributes (All PIM attributes except text area/rich text attribute type) that you can aggregate for ease of maintenance of data. The Compound attribute feature is useful if you have a lot of product attributes that need to be exported to your eCommerce platform. E-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and the like, support data in JSON, XML, or HTML format. When compound attributes are created in PIM, PIM aggregates all the product attributes into the JSON, XML, or HTML format and puts it in the text area field. A good example of this could be the Specifications on a product detail page. There could be multiple text attributes like Brand, Model Number, Material, price, number of ports, product dimensions, battery, processor, and so on up to a huge number of attributes.

Attribute properties in DCKAP PIM

Attributes have relevant fields called Properties based on the nature of the Attribute.

For example, when you create an Image Attribute for the phone that you are selling, you have fields like Attribute Code ( Ex: Phone Images), Attribute Group (Ex: electronics), Maximum upload size ( Ex: 100 KB,1 MB, etc), Image file extension (Ex: .jpeg, png, etc), that you can specify for your product. Attribute Label (Eg: Phone images). In every Attribute Create page, you can assign labels that act as identifiers for your attributes when you view all of them on one page. The attribute label can be edited by clicking the 'Pencil' icon on the attribute table.


Attribute Label

Shows the attribute field name on the product detail page. (you can add multiple language name)

Attribute Code

It is a unique value for every attribute, and acts as an identifier for the attribute.

Note: code is used to identify the Attribute if there are multiple attributes with the same names.


Define the attributes' minimum numeric values.


Define the attributes' maximum numeric values.

Attribute Group

Choose the attribute group to assign the attribute to.

Default Value

Define the default field value of the products.


Attribute current status (Yes or No).


Select if the current attribute is unique or not (Yes or No).


Choose if the current attribute is required for the calculation of product completion percentage or not (Yes or No).

Decimal Digit

Choose if the current attribute is required for the calculation of product completion percentage or not (Yes or No).


This is a yes/no type of function. If global is set to yes for a particular attribute, that option value will be displayed in all languages.

For example, Attribute is File, global is set to Yes, the files you add to that attribute will be the same for all languages in your channel/s. If set to No, the uploaded files will be shown only in the selected language.

Maximum Character

Define the maximum character length of your attributes.

Validation Rules

Define the regular expression (a method used in programming for pattern matching) for attribute text validation. The validation rules for Email, AlphaNumeric, Numbers, Alphabets, AlphaSpaces are built-in which you can select from the validation expression drop-down list.


Define the type of editor used in text area fields on the product page. Currently, The tiny mce editor is used by default to enter text on the products page.

Maximum File Upload Size

Maximum file upload size in kilobytes for product file import attributes.

File Extension

Validate the uploaded file type on the Products page. Choose from over 50 file extensions that are preloaded in DCKAP PIM, to validate file types.

Metric Family

Select the scale values of attributes like weight, length, height, volume, and so on.

Metric Option

Select units like kilogram, centimeter, inch, gram, milligrams, foot, square meter, decibel, celsius, watts, and so on.


Add multiple option values for select and multi-select attributes.

Allowed Feature Date

Enable the feature date values in the Date attribute.

Label & Hints

This option enables you to give a hint/clue to describe the attribute. This will reflect on the Products page as a hint when you add the attribute value for your product.

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