DCKAP PIM Import Documentation


Users can access the Import functionality by navigating to the Side Menu > Import Icon. The Import Module enables users to efficiently bulk create/update products and other related information such as Category, Attribute, Configurable Products, and Assets.

DCKAP PIM supports two types of imports:

  1. Normal Import

  2. Template / Vendor Import

Normal Import

In the Normal Import process, users can import product information using pre-defined templates available for download in the sample file section located on the right side of the import page. To import data, users must prepare the import sheet based on the template, choose the appropriate type of import, and select the option for Data Overwrite if required. Then, click the import button to initiate the process.

PIM supports the following types of information in Normal Import:

  • Product Create / Update

  • Category Create

  • Attribute Create

  • Family Create

  • Attribute Group

  • Variant / Configurable Create

  • Variant / Configurable Assign

Vendor / Template Import:

In the Vendor Import process, users can create customized templates for importing vendor data. Unlike the Normal Import, users do not need to format the data import sheet according to PIM's format. In this module, PIM is capable of automatically importing categories and attribute families. Template creation is a one-time process; once the template is created, users can simply choose the template for future imports.

This documentation provides users with a comprehensive understanding of the Import functionality within DCKAP PIM, enabling them to efficiently manage bulk data imports and streamline their workflow processes.

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