The top right of the screen hosts the following items :-

  1. Language preferences - This will display all the languages selected by the user to display the product details. For example, if the user wants to display products in English and French in the respective storefronts, they can choose both languages here.

  2. Notifications (bell icon) - This will show all the recent activities performed in the PIM system. The number of notifications are displayed as a superscript on the bell icon.

  3. Account Settings (User icon) - This section contains sub-sections and is used to manage user profiles. More details on this section can be found later in the document.


Account Settings

The profile image at the top right corner of the page is the Account Settings menu and it has the following sub-menus :-

  • Profile

  • Documentation

  • Tour

  • Logout

# Profile

This section contains all the user details and can be edited. The following details are available :-

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Display Name

  4. Email Id

  5. Phone - User can select the country code from the dropdown and then add the phone number.

Once the details are edited, users can click on Save to modify the details. To revert the changes before saving, click on the Cancel button and the dashboard page will appear.

# Documentation

On click of this button, the user will be redirected to the DCKAP PIM documentation page. Users can view details of all the PIM features here.

# Tour

On click of this button, the user will be able to view the interactive product tour of DCKAP PIM.

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