DCKAP PIM Magento Store Configuration

To access the Magento Configuration tab, navigate through the Side Menu > Marketplace > Click Magento Extension > Store Setting Tab > Add Store. Before proceeding with the configuration, ensure you have the following information available:

  1. Magento API URL

  2. Access Token

The API token should grant access to all catalogs in Magento. Verify these permissions while creating the Access Token in Magento.

Adding Store Configuration

Once you have the required information, create the Configuration using the "Add Store" Button. On the Store Add page, provide the Magento URL, Access Token, and Store information. Verify the connection to ensure it is functioning properly.

Mapping Store and PIM Channel

Next, map the Store and PIM Channel. This setting determines how PIM shares product content based on the Channel mapped to the specific store. It also ensures attribute mapping.

PIM syncs products only if the completeness status is "Sync to Channel" for the specific channel. If the product completeness status is not set or set to something other than "Sync to channel," PIM won’t sync the product to Magento.

Additional Configuration Leverage

Once the Store Setup is complete, PIM offers various configuration options:

  1. Is Single Store: Stores all product content in the default store instance or others.

  2. Product Relation: Provides an option to store Product Relations like Upsell, Cross-Sell, and Related Products.

  3. Is Develop: Enables detailed error logging while importing product data from PIM to Magento.

  4. Status: Indicates whether the connection is active or not. If the status is set to false, PIM won’t sync any information into Magento.

This guide helps streamline the setup and configuration process of the PIM Magento Extension, ensuring efficient data transfer and management between PIM and Magento platforms.

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