General Settings

How to navigate for general settings?

Login with your credentials.
Hover over the sidebar on the left side to access the menu.
Click on get a tooltip that shows “Settings” to expand, then click ‘General Settings’.
On the left side there will be displayed 2 tabs named as site settings and user settings.

Site Settings

  1. Category order : you can change the sort order of categories in API response

  2. Category product ordering : you can change the sort order of category based products in API response.

  3. Document API response : you can change the type of API response to carry the data.

  4. Category Description Editor : by enabling this switch you can use a tiny editor for editing description with extra features or by disabling this switch you can only use a plain text-editor without extra features.

  5. API token : API token for getting API response, you copy the token by clicking on ‘copy‘ icon or you can generate new token by clicking on ‘Generate New Token’

  6. Client settings : you can change the name, email-id , address and logo of the client.

User Settings

  1. Time zone : you can change the time zone as you required for the current location.

  2. Date format : you can select in which date format you want to record the action made in DCKAP PIM.

  3. Site language : you can select a default language to display the entire site data in the specific selected language.

  4. Language by catalog : you can select a default language to display the catalog data in the specific selected language.

After changing the required setting click on the 'Save' button displayed at top-right position to save the changes.

Subscription Plan

For checking your current subscription plan and its available feature, look at the right side of the general settings module.

  • My subscription plan : here we display your subscription details.

    1. Subscription ID : generated by DCKAP PIM for unique identification of subscription type.

    2. Subscription name : the name of your subscription type will be displayed.

    3. Subscription start date : the start-date of your subscription will be displayed.

    4. Subscription end date : the end-date of your subscription will be displayed.

  • Subscription Limit : here we display every module with their respective limit numbers for your current subscription plan.

  • Extension list : here we display the extension that you purchased from DCKAP PIM will be displayed.

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