Required headers

These headers are mandatory in the import spreadsheet.

  • parent_code

  • category_code

  • category_name-<language code>

  • image-<language code>

  • channel_code

  • status

  • product_sku

If there are multiple languages, each should have a separate header for category name and image, like “category_name-en_US”

Required values

These headers must contain values.

  • category_code

  • category_channel


  • category_code must have an unique value.

  • parent_code column should have the code of the parent category. If it is empty then the said category will be considered as a parent.

  • category_channel must have the code of one of the channels available in PIM. It is a mandatory field for the parent category.

  • The parent category channel(s) are automatically assigned to the child category.

  • status must have value as 0 or 1 [0 for Inactive and 1 for Active]

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