Attribute Relation

Efficiently manage and customize attribute mappings between Bigcommerce and PIM with our Attribute Mapping module, ensuring seamless synchronization and optimal performance.

The Attribute Mapping module empowers users to precisely define the mapping of attributes between Bigcommerce and PIM.

Navigate through the Side Menu > Extensions > Click Bigcommerce Extension > Attribute Mapping Tab to access and configure the Attribute Mapping module.

Store Selection: For each store, users can choose the store, and based on this selection, the attribute mapping relation will be displayed below.

Attribute Mapping Table:

  1. Bigcommerce Attribute:

    • Displays all default Bigcommerce product attributes generated from the Bigcommerce catalog API.

  2. PIM Attribute:

    • Displays an editable list of PIM attributes, allowing users to choose attributes mapped into Bigcommerce.

  3. Restriction:

    • Utilize the Restriction option to control content updates from PIM to Bigcommerce.

  4. Builder:

    • The Attribute Builder enables users to modify content into rich text and include multiple attributes using attribute builders. When enabled, PIM will send the modified content to the Bigcommerce instance of the actually mapped attribute.

Mandatory Fields: Ensure proper mapping for the following mandatory fields in Bigcommerce:

  • Name

  • SKU

  • Price

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