Category Sync

PIM to Magento Category Sync Documentation


This section provides an overview of the category content synchronization process between PIM and Magento, including default Magento configuration settings, category sync limitations, and frequently asked questions about category sync.

Content Sync:

During Magento Category Sync, PIM synchronizes the following category information from PIM to Magento:

  1. Category Name

  2. Category Description

  3. Category Image

Additionally, Magento Sync transfers the Category Status and Category level to Magento. PIM also supports category sorting, syncing the sort order from PIM to Magento during Category Sync.


  • Category Product Assignment Operation occurs at the time of Product Sync. No products are assigned to a category during category import. Category Product Sort order is also assigned during Product Sync.

  • The extension provides an option to restrict Category Description, Category Image, and URL Key while syncing category content. For configuration changes, please contact

  • For the Category URL key, PIM generates the slug value of the Category code and syncs it into the Magento system.

Import Notes:

  1. PIM syncs only the mentioned category content to Magento. It does not sync the remaining Magento attributes. It is recommended to manage the remaining Magento system attributes within Magento.

  2. It is strongly advised to maintain a source of truth for the above attributes in PIM. Otherwise, there is a risk of overwriting the above content during category sync from PIM.

  3. Category sync to Magento occurs only when the status is specified as "Sync to Channel." Otherwise, PIM will not sync the category to Magento.

This documentation clarifies the process and considerations involved in syncing category content from PIM to Magento, ensuring smooth synchronization and accurate data transfer between the two platforms.

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