DCKAP PIM Magento Sync

After completing Attribute Mapping, the next step is the Sync process. You can access the Sync module via the Side Menu > Market Place > Magento Extension > Sync Tab. This module triggers the PIM - Magento Data Sync by clicking the "Sync" Button located at the top right corner.

Initiating Sync

Clicking the Sync button initiates the sync process. It prompts you to select the store for which you want to sync data. If multiple stores/websites are configured in the store configuration, they will be displayed as dropdown options. After selecting the store, a sync options window appears where you can specify the content to import by selecting checkboxes.

Content sync is primarily based on the Last Modified Date. For example, it syncs content that was updated after the last Magento sync-up to the current time.

Sync Options:

  1. Category: Syncs Category Information such as Category Name, Description, Image, and Category Status.

  2. Attribute: Syncs Attributes, Attribute Groups, and Attribute Sets.

  3. Products: Syncs Product Attributes, Product Relations, Assets, and other product content.

If any changes occur in a family, group, or attribute, ensure that selecting the attribute is mandatory. Otherwise, if you run the product sync alone, attribute changes won’t be reflected in Magento.

Sync Modes:

In the Product sync, you have three different sync options:

  1. Regular Sync: Syncs products modified between the last and current sync timing.

  2. Specific Sync: This allows you to sync specific product SKUs.

  3. Full Sync: Transfers all product information from PIM to Magento. This option consumes considerable resources in Magento, so it’s recommended to run this sync during non-traffic hours.

Sync Page Display

The Sync page displays the following information:

  1. Store Name

  2. Type of sync occurring in the specific sync process

  3. Sync Start and End Timestamp

  4. Total number of processed and failed product counts

  5. Status - Sync Status (Success / Failed)

  6. Access to Log Files

Magento Sync Monitor

The Magento Sync Monitor is a new feature designed to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the synchronization process between PIM and Magento. This feature ensures continuous monitoring and automatic handling of sync issues, providing timely notifications to both customers and the PIM team.

Key Highlights:

  1. Continuous Monitoring: Once the Magento sync starts, PIM will continuously monitor the sync process based on a predefined frequency.

  2. Automatic Resync: If the sync process encounters any issues or gets stuck, PIM will automatically attempt to resync the process.

  3. Notifications:

    • If the sync process encounters issues, PIM will send notifications to the customers and the PIM team.

    • If the sync fails more than once, PIM will escalate the issue by sending an incident notification to the PIM team.

  4. Immediate Response: Upon receiving an incident notification, the PIM team will promptly respond and take the necessary actions to resolve the issue.

This Sync Process streamlines the synchronization of data between PIM and Magento, ensuring up-to-date product information and efficient management of resources.

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