Store Configuration

The Configuration / Store Setup section allows users to set up and manage Bigcommerce store integration within the DCKAP PIM system. step-by-step guide on configuring a Bigcommerce store in the PIM.

Store Setup

  1. Navigate to the Store Settings Tab:

    • Access the Store Settings tab in the PIM interface. This tab displays a list view of existing stores.

  2. Add New Store:

    • Utilize the "Add Store" button to create a new Bigcommerce store entry in the PIM system.

Store Information

  1. Bigcommerce Store Name:

    • For reference purposes within the PIM, specify a unique name for the Bigcommerce store.

  2. Client Id:

  3. Access Token:

  4. Store Hash:

  5. Channel:

    • Specify the PIM channel associated with the Bigcommerce store. The channel determines which products and content are imported from the PIM to Bigcommerce.

  6. Status:

    • Indicate whether the store is active or not. If a store is inactive, the PIM will not import products into that store.

  7. Development Status:

    • For debugging purposes, enable the development status. When turned on, it logs each API request and response. This is useful for troubleshooting and monitoring.

By following the steps outlined in this documentation, users can seamlessly configure and manage Bigcommerce store integration within the PIM system. Ensure that accurate credentials and settings are provided for a successful integration. For ongoing monitoring and debugging, utilize the development status option.

For additional assistance, refer to the PIM user guide or contact our support team.

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