Required headers

These headers are mandatory in the import spreadsheet.

  • url

  • sku

  • description

  • Tags

  • category_code

  • language_code

  • sort_order

Required values

These headers must contain values.

  • url

  • language_code


  • url must be the file location URL. The URL should be that of a cdn or an FTP storage. The URL of local system storage will not be accepted.

Assigning Product Images Via Assets Import

In the process of assigning product images through the assets import feature, it's essential to note that the description is considered as alt text for the images' content. It's important to be aware that altering the description in the Assets Module post-import won't impact the already assigned image alt text in the Product Module. This ensures a stable and consistent representation of your product images across modules.

The "sort_order" header is applicable only when utilizing the "Assign Image to Product" functionality.

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