Log Management

Optimize your PIM workflow with our Log Management module, ensuring detailed logs, efficient troubleshooting, and enhanced control for seamless import processes.

The Log Management module serves as a critical tool for users to efficiently identify issues within bulk import files. This component generates logs for each import activity, accessible through the download icon in the Action Column within the Import Log Table.

The Log module is only enabled after the file import process is successfully completed.

The Log Component includes the following essential information:

  1. Import Type: Specifies the type of import.

  2. Import File: Identifies the imported file.

  3. Number of Success Records: Displays the count of successfully imported records.

  4. Number of Failed Records: Indicates the count of records that encountered failures during the import process.

  5. Import Time Stamp: Records the timestamp of the import activity.

  6. Source (e.g., SKU, Family, Attribute): Varied information based on the import type.

  7. Header / Entity Value: Presents the values of headers or entities in the import.

  8. Error / Validation Message: Details any errors or validation messages encountered.

  9. Line Number in Excel Sheet: Specifies the line number within the Excel sheet for reference.

  10. Status: Indicates the status of the processed record.

Search Functionality: Utilizing the search option facilitates the easy identification of specific failures or success records within the Log Management module.

This technical documentation provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing the Log Management module for effective troubleshooting and analysis of bulk import activities.

Note: The log report functionality mentioned above applies to files imported from January 4, 2024, onwards.

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