2.3.2 February 5, 2024


Log Management

Introducing a new lightweight, user-friendly log system for Bigcommerce Connector

New Filter Option in PLP Section

  1. In the latest release, we've introduced an "Updated At" filter for the Product List Page. This feature empowers users to filter products based on a specific date range, providing enhanced flexibility and efficiency in managing product information.

Magento Enhancement

  1. Automated URL Rewrite feature for newly created or updated products. This enhancement ensures that URLs are automatically rewritten and updated whenever a new product is created or an existing one is modified.

Bug Fixes / Minor Improvements

  1. Resolved Major Bugfixes in Configurable Product Creation and Assignment Functionality.

  2. Deleted Attribute Data in Export File Issue Resolved.

  3. Product Update Import Channel Data Changes Not Reflected in Product Issue Resolved.

  4. Resolved Issue: Disappearance of Select and Multi-Select Attributes in Multi-Language

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