DCKAP PIM Marketplace Extension

Accessing the Marketplace Extension

  1. Navigation:

    • To access the Marketplace Extension, navigate to the side menu on the PIM interface.

  2. Extension Menu:

    • Click on the "Extension" menu in the side menu.

  3. Tabs Overview:

    • Two tabs are available: "Installed Extension" and "All Extension."

  4. Installed Extension Tab:

    • In the "Installed Extension" tab, you can view and manage extensions that are currently installed for the corresponding e-commerce platforms.

  5. All Extension Tab:

    • The "All Extension" tab displays a comprehensive list of all available extensions, including those not yet installed.

DCKAP PIM Marketplace Extension

Requesting Access to Additional Extensions

  • Contact Support:

    • If you need access to extensions not currently installed, please contact PIM Support at support@dckappim.com. The PIM Support team will assist you in enabling the requested extensions.

The Marketplace Extension in DCKAP PIM offers a seamless connection to various e-commerce platforms, providing flexibility and convenience in managing your product information. For any extension-related inquiries or requests, reach out to PIM Support at support@dckappim.com.

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