Magento Log Management Documentation | PIM Sync Audit Logs

Discover Magento log management documentation for detailed reports and audit logs of product syncs from PIM to Magento.

Magento log management provides a comprehensive report of the data synchronization process between PIM and Magento, offering a detailed audit log of Magento transactions. Each product entity's synchronization activity is tracked and displayed, ensuring transparency and easy troubleshooting.

Log Components:

Source: Identifies the synced entity. If the item is synced from PIM, the Source column displays the item's SKU. For category syncs, it shows the category name.

Type: Specifies the type of synchronization performed. For product syncs, the types include Product Update and Product Assets Update. For category syncs, the type is Category Update.

Error Message: Displays any error messages returned by Magento or PIM during the synchronization of a specific entity. This helps in diagnosing issues that occurred during the sync process.

Payload / Response: Provides a detailed audit log of the data exchanged between PIM and Magento. This includes the data sent from PIM to Magento, the response received from Magento, the actual data present in Magento before the sync, and details about the sync endpoint and the timestamp of the API call.

Sync Status: Indicates the success or failure of the synchronization process. This helps users quickly identify whether the sync was successful or encountered issues.

By utilizing these detailed logs, users can effectively monitor, troubleshoot, and verify the synchronization activities between PIM and Magento, ensuring data accuracy and consistency across both platforms.

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