2.3.4 May 9, 2024


Magento Sync Monitor

The Magento Sync Monitor is a new feature designed to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the synchronization process between PIM and Magento. This feature ensures continuous monitoring and automatic handling of sync issues, providing timely notifications to both customers and the PIM team.

Key Highlights:

  1. Continuous Monitoring: Once the Magento sync starts, PIM will continuously monitor the sync process based on a predefined (30-minute) frequency.

  2. Automatic Resync: If the sync process encounters any issues or gets stuck, PIM will automatically attempt to resync the process.

  3. Notifications:

    • If the sync process encounters issues, PIM will send notifications to the customers and the PIM team.

    • If the sync fails more than once, PIM will escalate the issue by sending an incident notification to the PIM team.

  4. Immediate Response: Upon receiving an incident notification, the PIM team will promptly respond and take the necessary actions to resolve the issue.

Magento Deadlock Issue

During the Product Sync process, if any deadlock occurs, PIM will automatically resync those products without requiring any manual effort. This enhancement ensures smoother and more reliable synchronization between PIM and Magento, minimizing interruptions caused by deadlocks.

Category Sort Order

PIM now supports Category Sort Orders for Bigcommerce. Any changes made to the category sort order in PIM will be synchronized to Bigcommerce, maintaining the same order via the Bigcommerce Catalog API. This feature ensures that the category order in Bigcommerce reflects the order set in PIM, enhancing consistency and management efficiency across platforms.

Bug Fixes / Minor Improvements

  1. Product Updated Timestamp Change in Category Product Assign Section:

    • Fixed an issue where the "Product Updated At" timestamp was incorrectly modified when changing the product order in the Category Product Assign section. Now, the timestamp will only update if there are actual changes to the product data.

  2. Inactive Product Update During P21 Sync Status Update:

    • Resolved a bug where inactive products updated_at fields were updated incorrectly during the P21 sync status update.

  3. Attribute Page Performance Improvement:

    • Implemented performance enhancements to the Attribute Page, resulting in faster load times and a more responsive user experience when managing attributes.

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